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Uncertainty is the only certainty in life; unfortunate incidents may occur with anyone in life. Your security determines your safety. Welcome to Vertex Enterprises, a company dedicated to make you feel safe, secure and to protect you from unfortunate incidents like fatal attacks, fire, theft and robbery.

Vertex Enterprises is a company that brings security to your home, offices, schools, merchandise establishments, warehouses, commercial complexes, hospitals, amusement spots etc. Our endeavor is to make you and your assets safe and secure and bring you peace of mind.

Security threats can take away your precious hours of sleep. At Vertex we bring you the latest and breakthrough technology in security systems. We deal in CCTV, Access Control, Biometric Attendance, Burglar Alarm, Anti Theft System etc. We not only provide you the best available security systems and equipment, but our panels of experts help you to utilize these tools and equipment to the best.

Providing you right security product does not end our job, we consider our job well done when we see our satisfied clients and customer safe and secure. Customer service is our specialty, as our experts always readily available, for after sale services, security advice and guidance regarding monitoring. We make sure you make maximum out of your security program.

Services We Offer

CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV camera is not only the most popular but also the most trusted security equipment when it comes to monitoring and surveillance. CCTV cameras are important part of security system. This one of the reasons you can easily find CCTV camera installed even at public places.

CCTV camera is one of the easiest ways to keep an eye over the area required to be kept under surveillance. CCTV cameras provide security to your home and business, as business or homes installed with CCTV cameras are less likely to get intruded or robbed. Thieves, intruders and trespassers avoid such buildings as they know their identity and action will be captured.

Vertex Enterprises brings you variety of high resolution CCTV cameras which give you the best image quality. The true benefits of installing CCTV cameras only appear if you have quality images with high resolution. Cameras with blurred vision and low resolution image will serve no good to your security purpose. At Vertex you get to choose from the wide range of CCTV cameras of superior quality. Our experts help you to choose the correct CCTV camera for your home and business security needs. Contact us for getting complete description and demo of the CCTV camera.

  • Indoor IR Dome Camera (All these will have a pic ill be sharing them also
  • Outdoor Bullet Camera
  • Speed Dome camera (PTZ)
  • Wireless Camera
  • DVR / NVR
  • Setup assistance
  • AMC packages

Video & Audio System

We all like to live safe and secure life. Video door phones make your homes more safe and secure. It adds to the security of your home. It enables you to see and speak with the person at door without really allowing them to enter in the house.

The device is very important from the point of view of security; it becomes more important for those who have kids and old age parents in home alone. Video door phone gives them the liberty to speak and see the visitor without actually letting them in the house.

This is an excellent device which can be used for the purpose of safety and surveillance. It helps you avoid getting into unnecessary trouble. If video phone is installed you take sigh of relief as your loved ones are safe while you are working away from home. It definitely adds up to you security system.

The video door phone comes in various variety and quality. Some of the technological advancements that you are not only just see and speak with visitor you can actually open the door with the remote button installed.

Vertex provides you product with proven quality and performance for your security system. Our security experts provide you each and every detail about the video door phone, so that you can use it in the best way. We make you feel secure by adding to your security system, making you aware and alert about the new security products introduced in the market. Visit us or contact us for more details and demo of video door phones.

Electronic Lock System / Intruder Alarm

Due to high value for security and safety electronic looks are widely used across the world. The various security features available in electronic locks make these lock prefect choice for securing what matters you the most. Due to the use of high technology these locks keep the place safe and secure. These locks also offer better control, as they can be connected to access control. You can get remote access control which will give you better monitoring and access control. We at Fusion Security Solutions always bring you the best and trusted product for your security concerns. We help you to select the security solution depending upon your need as it may vary depending on the place you want to use the equipment. We have electronic lock system available for your commercial places, office, your home and business. Just call our experts and get details of electronic locks suitable for various security needs.

  • Multi Apartment Video Door phones
  • Single Apartment Video Phone
  • Audio Phone
  • Intruder Alarm System
  • Electronic locks synchronized with video phones
  • Biometric locks

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