What Is Plot Collaboration?

Vertex will construct Independent floors on your plot at its own expense against floor or floors in a newly build home. Vertex guarantees on time delivery & clarity from very starting with 1 year warranty for all its properties. We will take care of all the aspects of home building from designing , approvals  & construction to make the plot owners experience hassle free taking care their advice at all levels.

Choose Wisely Choose Vertex

Beware of developers who initially give unrealistic commitments & later lead to delay or substandard homes or in some cases even abandoning the project in between.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy a hassle free plot construction experience during the entire lifecycle of the project from signing to delivery. Professional team and smooth processes for each step make the home construction process with Vertex a happy experience. We invite you to speak to any of our existing home-owners to know their Home building journey with Vertex.

Premium on your share of Property

Vertex Homes also fetch a premium of 5 to 10 % as compared to similar properties in a given area given due to use of better material, transparent paperwork and warranty on all work done. This gives the owner the opportunity to liquidate (if needed) his/ her own share of 3 floors at a higher price.

Well funded developer

Vertex is a well funded corporate developer and does not depend on funding from sale proceeds for construction and, hence, guarantees on-time delivery.

We are Committed and Responsible

  • Escalation Free Turnkey Agreement

    No price fluctuation/escalation for your project once agreement is signed.

  • Warranty For Our Work

    Warranty provided on all work done for peace of mind.

  • Project Communication

    Schedule tracking and weekly updates from area project managers to keep you in sync with on-site activities.

  • Fixed Delivery Timelines

    Guaranteed delivery timelines documented on turnkey agreements.

Benefits of
Home Owner

  • You will get a fully customized new home with modern amenities & structural life & more space.
  • Getting a new home without spending money & mind shrinking effort just by sharing your existing land.

What We Offer in Collaboration

  • Vertex will construct independent builder floors on your plot at its own expense in exchange for a floor/floors in the newly built home.
  • Vertex guarantees on-time delivery and one year warranty for all its properties.
  • We take care of all the aspects of home building like design, approvals and construction to make the plot owner’s experience hassle-free.

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