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We at Vertex helps builders, architects, property managers, and others participating in the installation of an elevator into an existing or new building. As experts in the elevator industry, our team can be a powerful addition to any group of engineers or architects, whether you’re designing a new building from the ground up, installing a new elevator to an existing building or just updating your existing building’s equipment (called “elevator modernization”).

We can assist with the design and new construction issues on all types of vertical transportation. Understanding the goals of the building for their tenants or usage will impact the vertical transportation needs. It is imperative in the early steps and should be followed throughout the period of construction until building completion. The Elevator Consultants are up to date with all the elevator, innovations with respect to technology, design, green initiatives, and regulations allowing for a smoothly run project. In this way, we are a powerful asset to your engineering and architecture (A/E) design teams for your buildings; we can help with all aspects of elevator installation following all vertical transportation code requirements and industry best practices.

A Detailed Design Analysis of Elevator Needs and Systems

Vertex’s Design and New Construction Process begins with a detailed needs analysis which will help to decide what equipment will be most appropriate for the building – according to the requests of the developer, architect and/or owner. This analysis includes a comprehensive feasibility study and traffic analysis. It also includes an evaluation of the proposed equipment and building conditions. The creation of mechanical, structural and electrical loads is taken into consideration and the best equipment to suit the building is specified.

The project is then overseen and managed from start to finish so that the elevator work is completed in a turn-key fashion.

Our Services


Vertex can ensure that lifts, which require modernization, are tendered against a technical specification for best value while achieving strict compliance with industry standards.


Equipment full replacement. Vertex’s new elevator consulting team will ensure that from the design phase to final Inspection and handover the project runs smoothly.


The Vertex new elevator consulting team will ensure that from the tender or evaluation process the equipment provided is to specification and also on budget.

Project Management

We ensure that contracted works proceed in an organized and disciplined manner to deliver the project according to specification, on budget and on time.

Benefits of Working with Us

If you are looking for an elevator advisor reach out today for a no obligation consultation.

Vertex is a completely independent elevator consulting firm that was formed to provide professional elevator consulting services for all forms of vertical transportation equipment, including all types of elevators.

Our goal is to provide the right solution for your vertical transportation needs, regardless of the type or make. We are solely focused on providing you with 100% independent elevator consulting services.

Vertex will help you close a deal with the best pricing provided in the market as we work closely with all the major brands in market.

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